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Almost all of the links below are from Tesla owners talking about their experiences. Learn the truth about Tesla reliability. You can also visit #TeslaQualityIssues for more.

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Too Fragile For a Carwash


Many car washes are now refusing Teslas.

Insane Insurance Premiums


Tesla owners say insurance costs are expensive and going up all the time. Can you afford a higher insurance payment?

Expensive Repairs with Long Waits


Many Tesla owners have found surprising waits and costs for even the smallest repairs. Owners still have to pay their car note and insurance while they wait months to get their car back. Tesla rarely provides loaner vehicles.

Poor Customer Service


Tesla owners say customer service is a disaster. You can see more at #TeslaServiceIssues.

Broken Promises


Tesla promises refunds, upgrades, and referral awards. Even appreciation. Owners report Tesla doesn't always deliver.

Bad Paint Quality


Tesla owners complain about cheap paint jobs that do not last. You can see more at #TeslaPaintIssues

Broken Suspension and Whompy Wheels


Tesla owners report that the suspensions are not well made and sometimes wheels just fall off. You can find more at #whompywheels.

Batteries & Charging


Tesla owners say that charging sometimes fails. Over the air updates have sometimes dramatically changed the performance of batteries and charging.

Touch Screens


Tesla touch screens degrade quickly. They develop yellow lines around the edges and sometimes leak glue. For more see #TeslaScreenIssues.

Auto Acceleration


Teslas owners say the cars sometimes auto-accelerate and this often leads to accidents.

Not worth the price


People have reported that the car rattles, wind noise is awful, suspension is bumpy. Yet a Model 3 costs as much as a BMW or Mercedes.

Autopilot Incidents


Many people report that Tesla autopilot is dangerous and buggy. See more at #TeslaAutopilotIssues.

Tesla Fires


Teslas keep bursting into flames. Other EV companies issue recalls at the slightest risk but Tesla keeps pretending there isn't a problem. You can see more at #TeslaFireIssues

Broken Computer


Tesla owners report being frustrated because sometimes the computer in a Tesla simply does not work.

Bumpers Falling Off


Some Tesla owners have reported that Teslas have trouble with severe weather. Sometimes the bumpers fall off in heavy rain or snow

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